4TOPs performance! According to Rockchip, RK3399Pro has the advantages of high performance, low power consumption and easily development.

It also shares this ram with the GPU.

. Power cost, $ per kWh 2.


rockchip rk3399.

. Android 12. And software supports multiple APIs: OpenGL ES 3.

It also shares this ram with the GPU.

Rockchip RK3399. Rockchip RK3399 2x1. 0GHz.

And software supports multiple APIs: OpenGL ES 3. .

Orange Pi RK3399.

RK3399 is an application processor from Rockchip, announced in April, 2016.

Price comparison. 1 Average user usage is typically low and can vary from task to task.

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6 Amlogic S922X.
In truth, the RK3399 operates on the “Big.


ARM Cortex-A72.

. 5 GHz, equipped with 4GB RAM, and two micro HDMI ports to drive up to one 4K display, and one 2K display. MediaTek Helio P22.

Check your last power bill for details. More to my suprise, Snapdragon 625 only supports upto 3GB ram, so the 4GB installed in the head unit would not be fully utilized. Processor. Rock Pi 4 SE Single Board Computer 4GB LPDDR4 RAM Rockchip RK3399-T. 0 GHz. rockchip rk3399; Operating System: Android 12: Android 9: Model: rockchip RK3588: rockchip rk3399: Processor: ARM ARMv8 @ 1.

4GHZ) Octa-Core (8 cores): 8 x Cortex A53 -2GHZ Android OS Android 9.

Comparison between Qualcomm SM6125 Snapdragon 665 and Rockchip RK3399 with the specifications of the processors, the number of cores, threads, cache memory, also the performance in benchmark platforms such as Geekbench, Passmark, Cinebench or AnTuTu. Rockchip RK3288.

rockchip rk3399 Difference Single-Core Score 500 299 167.



Power cost, $ per kWh 2.

4 System Information rockchip RK3588 Android 12.