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Oil in turbo outlet? Factory 2.

. – Avoid turbo over-speed condition, which could damage turbo.



NOW, i noticed this upon rebuilding last time but figured it. I know that people have commented on turbo at. Jan 9, 2010.

If you had to change your turbo you should have drained and cleaned the intercooler and associated piping, to prevent a slug of pooled oil being sucked into the engine and hydro locking your motor.

Every time it blows off oil spots out I can see it sitting on my radiator support. #9. Nov 2, 2008 · I pulled off the intake tube on the turbo (one between the filter and turbo) and there is oil pooled up/sitting in the compressor side of the turbo.

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Normal - a certain amount will be in the intercooler pipework, if you mean the hard (silver) pipe to turbo it can leak a lot, a simple green O ring sits there and fails fairly.


. The car had 37000 Miles on the clock at the time.

Mar 16, 2018. Oil Drain – proper size and routing 5.

Jul 27, 2010 · Oil in the cold side outlet is never a good thing.
Worn valve guide seals.
Every time it blows off oil spots out I can see it sitting on my radiator support.


On occasion I've seen some put out a very tiny amount of oil for the life of the turbo without ever getting any worse, but if that is where your oil is you need to keep an eye.

. I didn't dig any further but I'm wondering if anyone's had any similar experiences. .

I am thinkin that maybe a seal on the turbo shaft is leaking oil into the turbo. During the removal process I found a significant amount of oil on the turbo muffler itself and in the outlet pipe directly attached. . Just wanted to start a thread to see and hear about people’s experiences with oil buildup and deposit in the turbo outlet track. Ford Year: 2005. .

I know that people have commented on turbo at the bottom of their intercooler hoses, but I’m more curious about the turbo outlet track itself.

When I was looking at the pipe where it goes into the turbo outlet I noticed a purple O-ring that didn't seat with anything as shown in picture. Dec 5, 2021 · For the last few months I have been noticing that my oil level has been dropping steadily, with visible dripping at the turbo outlet pipe (Neuspeed inlet and outlet installed).


Misano Red 2007 A4 Avant 2.



Turbo Muffler delete- So the outlet of our turbo is the same size as the turbo outlet pipe, which leads to the intercooler, throttle pipe, throttle body, intake manifold, then finally into the head.