Ring Alarm Contact Sensors are designed to keep doors and windows in homes and businesses secure.

Includes two 3V CR2032 batteries. Ring Alarm Contact Sensors mount to any door or window frame in your home for easy, DIY installation.



$99. Ring sensors keep your home safe. 99.

Easy installation with no tools required.

98. 13 in x 4. .

. Wall mount with Quick-Release Bracket or place it on any flat surface, Ring Alarm Kit required.

Includes two 3V CR2032 batteries.

Subscribe to Ring Protect , sold separately, to connect them to.

. Connect them to your Ring Alarm and receive mobile.

I. Smart security starts at the front door.

Make sure it slides in completely.
The contact sensor is made up of two parts: the sensor and the magnet.

Requires the Ring Alarm Base Station.

Homeowners looking for an affordable alarm will love the easy-to-install, wireless contact sensors from Noopel.

Below are useful setup tips to consider with your Contact Sensor (s): Use the right placement settings. Requires Ring Alarm Base Station. .

. 6-Pack Contact Sensor. 13 in x 4. ring. *Ships to the continental US ( excluding American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands. Installation.

No, the Ring Alarm Door and Window Sensors are not UL 2017 certified.

They work because of a sensor that comes into components. 98.

You can purchase a single Ring window sensor or door alarm sensor to mount where needed, or a multi-pack to cover all the entryways into your home.

Help secure outdoor gates, sheds, guesthouses, and windows with Ring Alarm Outdoor Contact Sensor.

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The Outdoor Contact Sensor is made up of two.