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The feminine possessive adjectives take the form of masculine possessive adjectives when used in front of a feminine noun that begins with a French.

. It is associated with the noun that follows.

– My son, daughter, and grandchildren.

Apr 19, 2023 · When to use partitive articles in French; French Possessive Pronouns – Explanation and Exercises; French Stressed Pronouns (Exercises and Grammar) French Possessive Adjectives Exercises and Grammar; Imperative in French (l’Impératif) – Conjugation and examples; Venir de + Infinitive (infinitif) – Exercises and examples; Intermediate.

ID: 1800228 Language: French School subject: French as a second language Grade/level: 8th Grade/level 1 Age: 10+ Main content: French Possessive Adjectives Other contents: possessive adjectives, les adjectifs possessifs, la famille, family. Their names are Andy and Kevin. 2.

As demonstrated in the previous exercise, in French you can indicate possession by using the preposition de: Le livre de Marie.

3. Their names are Andy and Kevin. French Possessive Pronouns - Le mien, la tienne, les siens.

Possessive adjectives are words that say to whom or to what something belongs. .


[Xavier is repairing his bicycle.

by Jthomas36. • Possessive adjectives “agree” not with the owner of the item being used in the sentence, but with the item itself.

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Mère is feminine, but it doesn’t start with a mute h or a vowel, so you will use ma.

In English, the possessive adjective only needs to be used once.

Here are some more reminders in using possessive adjectives: • Possessive adjectives always come BEFORE the noun. Singular possessive adjectives - learn French [Test] Singular possessive adjectives : free exercise to learn French. .

Ejercicios de Possessive adjectives online o para imprimir. Exercise A1. . . Singular possessive adjectives - learn French [Test] Singular possessive adjectives : free exercise to learn French. .

Nov 27, 2020 · leurs.

For example; Mon fils, ma fille et mes petits-enfants. .

Third person “his” or “her” is son, sa or ses.

May 21, 2023 · First person “my” is mon, ma or mes.



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